Your Life as a Writer

pensWhat is your life as a writer like? Do you write for work and or pleasure? What kind of things to you have to write as an adult? When you do write is it texting, computer, paper, journal or other?

I have only recently realized how ironic my love of blogging is.  Although I had more than one English professor try to convince me to switch to an English major, I never would consider it.  I have always hated to write!  I joke that the only writing I want to do is sign my name on a credit card slip, or these days, a data pad.

I love research.  I love finding new information.  I hate writing it down.

But I love to blog.

Almost all of my writing relates to my profession as a school librarian.  I write book reviews for the kids, tech tips for the teachers, lesson plans for my library students, etc.  Okay, I still hate the lesson plans.

Most of my writing is not only on the computer, but in the cloud.  I love being able to access it anywhere.  The only thing that compares is a paper notebook which I also keep for random thoughts.  Those thoughts generally get entered on the computer as well.  I also keep a 10+ year journal mostly as a reading record.  I am about to finish up year four.

Speaking of notebooks, I love them.  I just purchased the new Pac-Man Moleskine notebook simply because it’s cool.  I love pens and can be very possessive of a favorite one.  I keep a cheap pen for people to borrow.  They never get to borrow my favorite one.

Okay, maybe I don’t hate to write as much as I thought.

6 thoughts on “Your Life as a Writer

  1. I am laughing out loud reading your post. I seriously have a little cup with a few pens for folks to use and all my good ones in the drawer where they won’t look. I’m selfish with my pens and paper!

    • I had a teacher in my office this week who needed to borrow a pen. Before I knew it, she had picked up MY pen. I stayed right there with her until she put it down and left my office.

      Obsessive, anyone?

  2. We have similar feelings about writing! My post is here:

    I also love to read and learn new things, but when it comes to writing them down – bleh. I think the blogging kind of writing is easier because it is personal. If people read, great, if not, well that’s okay as well.

    Maybe it’s the teacher in us! Back to school time is a favorite time of mine to visit Staples. But, I go without my children – I want to see all the supplies and enjoy the feeling of purchasing one or two new ones just for me!

    • Sorry for the delay in responding. For some reason I have not been getting all my comment notifications.

      I love Staple’s! I have been a stationery store junkie since I was a kid which really demonstrates how weird I can be.

      I could probably never buy another notepad/journal and still not use up everything in the house. I love them. I just bought the new Moleskin PacMan anniversary edition.

      I haven’t opened it yet, but I do have plans for it!

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