My life as a blogger

Wordle: Teacher Challenge #1
Unfortunately, like many things in my life, I started out blogging enthusiastically.  Then life happened.  It’s not that I didn’t want to blog anymore.  I just never seem to think about it at a time when I can concentrate on writing.

And yes, I know that is an excuse, not a reason.

I actually have three educational blogs plus one on WordPress that I use as a book journal.  I manage one additional educational blog for my 6th grade students.

This blog, School Librarian, is the original one.  I created it to reflect on my professional life with a little rambling on the side.  This is the blog I want to make active again.

I believe that participating in this Teacher Challenge will give me the incentive to do so.

6 thoughts on “My life as a blogger

  1. I totally understand about not having time to devout to my own professional blogging. I sometimes wonder how those people who blog so often can do it. I’m hoping setting the habit during this challenge will definitely get me going!

    Thanks for sharing. I’m in GA, too (Gwinnett Co.).

    • I spent a week in Lawrenceville this summer for a workshop. The community was so clean.

      As for consistency in blogging, I have it on my Monday to-do list. It just doesn’t get done.

      I’m with you. I’m hoping the challenge will keep me on track.

  2. Thanks for sharing your post. I am like you too and have three blogs. My wordpress blog is my teacher reflections, my edublogs is used as a class blog and the third one, has unfortunately fallen by the wayside as I just dont have time to maintain it. Look forward to further posts in this challenge.
    What theme are you using here as I really like this one, and would love to have it for my class blog?

    • The theme is Notepad Chaos. I think it is one of the themes that is only available with the paid subscription.

      My WordPress blog has not been updated since November. I have read over thirty books since then, so I am really behind.

      That’s probably why I don’t keep up on the blogging. I am reading so much! LOL

  3. Dear Elaine
    Just got side-tracked reading the little blurb down the side of the blog. Interesting that you became a librarian after teaching. I always say if I had another life I would be a librarian. But I think thats just talk!
    Yes it is hard to keep up personal blogging in our busy lives. You can tell I am on summer holiday at the moment. I am not sure I would have time to visit everyones blogs if I wasn’t. And that is such an important part of blogging.
    As a teacher of year 6-8 I think you blog is a place for me to keep up to date with. That’s what I love about blogging we can impact the learning of people all over the world.

    New Zealand.

    • Kathryn,

      I lucked in to my job as a librarian. A friend of mine worked in the school and recommended me before even telling me about the job. She said she knew I would be a good choice.

      The only experience I had at that point was when I was a teenager and of course as a patron.

      I think blogging and commenting is like everything else in my life. I have to MAKE the time for it . . . not expect to just fit it in.

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